Snapchat Tips for Real Estate Agents

September 27 2017

If you're looking for a social media channel to promote your real estate business, you can't go wrong with Snapchat. It's a highly visual mobile application with real-time functionality, perfect for the busy agent on the go. And with 158 million active daily users creating over 2.5 billion snaps daily, the platform already has a built-in audience.

Why Agents Should Use Snapchat
Snapchat is more than an app for adding silly filters to your photos and videos. It's a visual medium ideal for a visual industry. Plus, there's an opportunity for market penetration. Millennials, the largest generation of homebuyers, are also the biggest users of Snapchat, and the 30s to 40s demographic is quickly joining the fun.

The app is free and requires no special skills or equipment. Just snap a quick photo or record a video using your camera phone. Within seconds you can share a listing with your followers and start fielding questions from interested parties.

How You Can Use It
Snaps last for 1 to 10 seconds (your choice) before disappearing. Followers view the posts at their convenience, so you know you'll have their undivided attention, a stark contrast to other social platforms where your content can easily get lost in the shuffle. If 10 seconds isn't enough, you can create 24-hour story collections or save snaps to your "memories" album.

Add captions or use available geofilters to pinpoint locations using GPS. Want to take it a step further? Create branded geofilters to promote new properties, homes that just sold and virtual open houses. This will not only allow you to get hyperlocal with your content, but also expand your brand's reach.

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