Are you maximizing your social reach?

April 11 2018

Facebook recently changed its algorithm, moving away from branded content and giving priority to posts from friends, family and groups. In spite of this shift, there are still plenty of ways to maximize your reach on Facebook and other social platforms.


Share quality content. Produce and share content that is valuable and engaging. The more comments and interaction a post receives, the higher it will rank in news feeds. To encourage engagement, start real conversations about timely, relevant topics. Ask questions.


Be authentic. Not just any post will do. If it's not authentic, algorithms -- and your followers -- will take notice. Avoid spammy posts that beg for comments. Instead, focus on meaningful interactions.


Identify the best posting times and frequency. It's hard to generate engagement if no one sees your posts. Every audience is different, so you'll need to test your strategy to determine the right formula for your business. Review your analytics tools to gauge audience reception and tweak your activity accordingly.


Here are some pointers to get you started:

  • Facebook: Post every three to four hours during prime engagement times to increase exposure without creating competition between posts.
  • Twitter: Increase engagement by retweeting and mentioning other users.
  • Instagram: Post consistently, tag users and use a few relevant hashtags to expand your reach.
  • LinkedIn: Users will likely check the site before work, during lunch and after business hours. Provide high-quality articles to help establish your authority in the local market.

Since reach is becoming so dependent on engagement, you must create platform-specific content that is both thoughtful and available at just the right time. Consider automating social media scheduling and publishing to simplify the process.


Work Hard. Be Nice. This is what we strive for at RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts, and the two basic concepts our company was built on.