Can mindfulness make you a better agent?

October 25 2017

Mindfulness is more than just the latest trend in mental focus and emotional health. But what is it exactly, how does one practice it, and how can it benefit busy real estate professionals?

What is mindfulness?
It isn't strictly a meditative practice. Simply put, it's just a state of heightened awareness -- living in the moment. It's all about quieting the mind, removing distractions and fully experiencing what's going on around you.

What can it do for you?
Studies have shown that being mindful reduces cortisol levels. Cortisol is produced by the body during times of stress. Unfortunately, many of us create our own stress. We've trained ourselves to expect work to be stressful, even when it isn't. That mindset affects our perception.

Often, when you're stressed or anxious, you go on autopilot, going through the motions without really taking in what's happening around you. This can be especially detrimental when dealing with the wants and needs of clients. Mindfulness helps you become a better listener with a better memory.

You'll likely find that clients have a better experience when you're paying more attention. Studies have shown a connection between mindfulness and increased empathy and compassion. In fact, MRI scans showed that mindful behavior changed the brain, seemingly reducing the fight-or-flight response while boosting awareness, concentration and decision-making skills.

Do you even have time for it?
Short answer: Yes! Mindfulness doesn't require hours of meditation. You only have to learn to live in the moment. Observe what's happening around you and connect with it. Be deliberate in your thought process and respond with intention rather than simply reacting. As your mental and emotional well-being improve, your clients are likely to benefit as well.

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