Before You Hire an Assistant

October 11 2017

Has your business grown to the point where you need to hire an assistant? Or could a simple strategy adjustment give you the time you need to get the job done yourself? Consider the following and then decide.

Assess the Workload
The last thing you want to do is pass off time-wasting tasks to a paid assistant. Keep track of your day-to-day activities to see where your attention is spent. Could you streamline your strategy and handle it alone? Could you delegate some of your tasks?

Weigh the Pros and Cons
What would an assistant add to your business? Besides lightening the load and relieving some stress, a good aide could also bring new life to your business. But hiring an assistant will cost you money and add new payroll and tax responsibilities to your plate. You'll also need to train and manage them, so do some math and honestly assess your leadership abilities before taking action.

Review Your Options
If a paid helper isn't in the cards right now, consider recruiting interns from a local high school or university. Students will often work for experience and may be able to earn school credit. If you have tasks they can handle and you're sure to follow federal guidelines, it's a win-win situation.

Virtual assistants are another option. You can find them online, along with their resume or a description of their skills and expertise. You may even be able to read reviews from past clients.

Set Expectations
Make sure your new hire receives clear instructions and the necessary training, and use deliverables to measure results. Be realistic in your expectations as well. Even the best assistant won't be able to handle everything. After all, you're the expert; they're just there to support you.

Work Hard. Be Nice. This is what we strive for at RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts, and the two basic concepts our company was built on.