7 Instagram Tips for Marketing Homes

August 30 2017

Visual marketing isn't a new concept for real estate agents. A picture has always been worth a thousand words. But on social media, it can be worth so much more. Here are seven useful tips to get the most from Instagram.

1. Be a professional. A business profile gives clients your contact information and the ability to call you directly from the app. And you'll get access to analytics -- data you can use to improve your marketing strategy.

2. Focus on helpful content. Spotlight your local community, give clients a look behind the scenes or simply show your personality. If it's interesting, applicable and can be highlighted in a high-quality image or video, it's fair game.

3. Use relevant hashtags. Come up with a list of potential hashtags, and then use the search feature to see how much content is attached to each. It'll help you pinpoint the most relevant hashtags for your postings.

4. Create photo maps. Use geotags to create a photo map of your listings. This is also an excellent way to establish yourself as a local expert.

5. Give guided video tours. Sixty seconds is more than enough time to show off a listing. Two to five seconds in each room should pique client interest.

6. Cross-promote. Sharing to other platforms from Instagram is easy, as the options appear when you add your images. Posting to Facebook from Instagram was shown to boost engagement by 23 percent.

7. Edit before filtering. Instead of going straight for Instagram's filter selection, use the editor to enhance your photo. Sometimes the combination of natural light and a few adjustments to contrast, warmth and brightness is all that's needed.

Work Hard. Be Nice. This is what we strive for at RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts, and the two basic concepts our company was built on.