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RE/MAX Concepts

8020 Douglas Ave Urbandale, IA 50322 USA

Lance: 515-771-4148

Shane: 515-984-0222

Matt: 515-779-3469

Ou: 515-802-3652

Lance Hanson | Shane Torres | Matt Mauro | Ou Meksay

RE/MAX Concepts

8020 Douglas Ave

Urbandale, IA 50322 USA

Lance - 515-771-4148

Shane - 515-984-0222

Matt - 515-779-3469

Ou - 515-802-3652


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About Us

About Us

RE/MAX Concepts

There are a few fundamental and philosophical differences here at RE/MAX Concepts which allow our agents to sell three to five times the number of units compared to our local competitors. These differences have allowed our company to grow, and more importantly, allowed our agents to thrive in every type of market condition.

  • The staff, brokers, and managers believe our agents are our clients. We dedicate our time and energy implementing systems and processes to enable our agents to grow their business and spend more time doing the things they are passionate about in life.

  • This company is built on the philosophy where each agent contributes their fair share and then keeps the majority of their earned income. This has allowed our agents to thrive in our system having the freedom and control to invest in their business.

  • Coaching and training for the entrepreneurial, fully engaged agent is provided by some of the best and brightest in the industry, not only locally, but throughout the world.

  • We are considered the technological leaders in our industry and strive to always stay one step ahead of the trends and market shifts to ensure our agents succeed in any market.

RE/MAX Concepts offers world class training with some of the industries best and brightest, bringing you new techniques in a collaborative setting, while still maintaining an emphasis on the fundamentals that still work today. We know we are better served by sharing ideas with each other so we can all grow our businesses together.

Our goal is to attract high character, fully engaged, entrepreneurial spirited people who are serious about writing good business offers within the communities they serve. It is these types of people that have a passion to succeed will find us their broker of choice.

We believe achieving a balance in life is the key to happiness. Having freedom and control of your business not only allows you to make more money, but it allows you to do all the other things you are passionate about in life. Whether you enjoy traveling, spending time with family, or creating other investments...balance is the key. The leaders of this company are dedicated to helping you achieve that level of happiness.

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Lance Hanson | Shane Torres | Matt Mauro | Ou Meksay
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